Mold Remediation

Elegant Restoration is a certified Mold Remediation company. Our technicians are highly trained to provide mold removal and remediation in your home or business. With over 15 years experience in the industry, you can trust we will do the job right. Elegant Restoration is an IICRC certified firm, which means we adhere to a higher standard than other companies. Trust in our Mold experts to get your house back in order. Mold is Hazardous to your health can cause massive damage to structures. No one offers better mold remediation services than Elegant Restoration. Our technicians are experienced in Mold Testing , Mold Removal, Air Duct Cleaning, Water Damage Restoration and all other aspects of Mold Remediation. We also provide FREE MOLD INSPECTION.


Health Effects of Mold

Mold will cause permanent health issues if not contained and treated properly. Mold will start off by making you sick and then cause allergies and asthma.

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