Non-Profit Commercial Water Loss in Bel Air, MD 21014

Category: Article • August 7, 2023

A Clockwork Project Study: when all the pieces come together to help a local non-profit with a commercial water loss in Bel Air, MD 21014

One of Elegant Restoration, Inc.’s non-profit clients are a residential facility for vulnerable adults and children who need immediate housing and support services.

ALWAYS OPEN to serve the needs of their clients, when they need it regardless of the time of day.

CLOSING DOWN the operation to ‘fix a problem’ is NOT an option.

Imagine the panic that ensued when the building director witnessed a waterfall coming down through the ceiling of this multi-level building! The first question was – Where do I go to turn off the water and stop the damage?

The director was new to this location and had only a basic knowledge of the building and its infrastructure.  She did, however, recall there was an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) which documented the entire building for just this type of emergency/disaster.   The plan was established in partnership with Elegant Restoration, Inc, the commercial restoration experts.

Within minutes, the director relayed the details of the emergency to her immediate supervisor who utilized the Elegant Restoration 24-Hour Caller APP to connect with the Elegant Restoration Emergency Dispatch.

The non- profit immediate supervisor went into the app on her cell phone, found the picture and location of the shut off valves, did a screen shot and sent it to the director onsite, and within minutes of the phone call with the director the water valve was shut off successfully.  There was a big sense of relief when the water stopped flowing and causing damage.

Our APP serves several functions when an emergency occurs:

  • Provides a direct link for our clients to reach our Elegant Restoration, Inc. Emergency Dispatch: 24/7/365
  • Provides additional details the Elegant Restoration Team needs about the nature and location of the emergency.
  • Provides the person calling, as well as our Team the ability to view vital information about the building:  For example: where the water might be coming from and how to shut it off immediately!

In just a matter of minutes, by using the Elegant Restoration ERP APP for the exact location and contacting the Elegant Restoration Team, the staff at the non-profit were given the timeline for our team to arrive and begin the cleanup process. It happens within minutes.  Stopping the damage and beginning the cleanup is key to reducing the potential cost of the insurance claim and the impact to the business operations.

The Elegant Restoration Team arrived within an hour, verified the leak and began removing the standing water, soaked ceiling panels, effected drywall, and floor moldings.

Due to the use of our Emergency Response Plan 24-Hour Caller APP and the commercial client’s ability to react to the situation, using the tools provided by the Elegant Restoration Team and the established partnership with the non-profit,  the water was turned off successfully in mere minutes.  This quick and rapid response to the problem stopped any further damage to the commercial building.

The difference in time equals a savings in money.

It’s estimated that the non-profit saved an estimated $15,000 in the insurance claim due to the information gathered ahead of time using the Elegant Restoration, Inc. Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

There are multiple parts to the Elegant Restoration Disaster ERP Plan.

Having just a few key parts of the plan in place can greatly assist in reducing the severity of a disaster.  It can also speed up the response, remediation, and recovery, while reducing down-time and cost.

In other words, had they not reacted as quickly in shutting off the water, it would have ‘cost’ more time causing more damage … and $15,000 … if they had waited until the Elegant restoration team arrived on the scene to shut off the water!

Water, in a commercial building, flowing unchecked, can fill a swimming pool in short order!

  • A plan is already in place with staff who are knowledgeable of the plan and have the app installed on their phones for quick access.
  • A building survey, documenting where key services and critical shutoffs are located.
  • A direct link…our APP…to connect with the Elegant Restoration team and provides vital building information need to respond to any emergency.
  • A relationship with a Trusted Partner

You can’t prevent all disasters, but with the Elegant Restoration Disaster (ERP) Plan in place, you can build a relationship with a Trusted Partner, especially for work in secure locations.  You can also learn valuable information about your building by identifying and tagging where key services and critical shutoffs are located.  As in this case, you may be able to respond ON YOUR OWN, with the tools and knowledge we offer … free of charge!  And potentially MINIMIZE damage and costs associated with unexpected equipment and building infrastructure failure … by stopping them before they become BIG DISASTERS!

With a Trusted Partner who is only a phone call or “APP” away, you can rest easier, knowing that help is only a call or click away. Elegant Restoration, Inc. are the service pros and commercial restoration experts.

Bob Sansbury,

Commercial Account Partner

Elegant Restoration