Sewage damage to basement of a Credit Union, Bel Air Maryland

Category: Article • June 23, 2023

This project highlights a well-respected financial institution in Harford County, MD, with multiple branches which they manage and conduct business out of daily.  

Recently, there was a sewage backup in the basement in one of their buildings.  Elegant Restoration, Inc. received a Friday night call at 8 pm and responded within an hour onsite to determine the extent of the damage. Contaminated water was spread throughout the basement caused by a clogged sewer line.

The Harford County area was experiencing heavy rains and wind.  The credit union had a backup in the sewer pipe leading from the building.  When this happens, all the lowest points of access to the sewer system back up with contaminated sewage water, urine, feces, etc.  It looks like clean water, but because it came from the sewer pipe it is considered “Black” water. 

This may include a toilet, sink, tubs or clean-out pipe.  The pressure from the backup will cause contaminated water and solids to exit at any one of the points listed above.  

Sewage water is considered black water.  Black water contains harmful bacteria which is hazardous to the health of people and must be cleaned up immediately to prevent illness and further contamination. Elegant Restoration certified technicians follow the IICRC protocols and standards to clean up the sewage damaged area.

A commercial plumber was required to clear the sewage blockage in the building line.  Once the blockage is clear it allows the sewage water and contaminants to flow freely out of the building. 

The problem must be fixed first before the Elegant Restoration Team can begin the cleanup and decontamination process. It was imperative the credit union be open for business on Saturday for members. 

Our certified team spent several hours onsite cleaning and disinfecting with an approved disinfectant chemical for the job to insure all harmful bacteria and disease were killed.  The areas impacted were the access points, such as the sink, toilet, as well as the floors and about one inch high on the paneling. 

The drying process for the areas impacted by the sewage backup was next in the process.  Per the IICRC restoration standards, the Elegant Team placed several fans and dehumidifiers to dry the affected area.  Our team takes moisture reading of the area the day of the event and 2-3 days during the drying process. 

Sewage backups happen because of clogged pipes within the building, outside on the property or out in the public street.  Depending on where the blockage is located, depends on where the blockage is cleared and who is responsible to clear the blockage.  The property owner is responsible for blockages inside the building and on the property, however if the blockage is in the roadway, the municipality is response for clearing the blockage. 

If you have a problem at your business and need someone to assist you with cleanup, Elegant Restoration Inc are the service pros in the restoration business with teams ready to assist you.  Our phone number, 866-712-4911 is answered 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  We are number one in cleaning up number two!

Be proactive and be prepared ahead of time and reach out to find more information about our emergency response program.  It is a free, no cost solution for your peace of mind when an emergency or disaster occurs. Know who you are working with. Work with a team who knows you ahead of time to make response time faster to reduce the cost of the claim. 

Bob Sansbury,
Commercial Account Partner
Elegant Restoration