Sewage Damage Cleanup under concrete slab causing Foundation failure in Belcamp, MD 21017

Category: Article • March 7, 2023

Elegant Restoration, Inc. received the call to look at a home with sewage damage.  The home had a broken sewage line under the home foundation slab for an undetermined time period causing major damage and soil erosion to the structure’s foundation.  This damage made the home structure unstable.

Multiple contractors looked at the job and declined the repair because of the serverity and complexity of the repair to save the home.  Removing the concrete slab was a manual process and time intensive.  The homeowners could no longer live in the home and were in danager of losing the entire structure if the foundation repair was not completed correctly.

Sewage Damage images

The sections of the concrete slab had to be removed at the Belcamp, Maryland 21017 home to fix the broken sewer line and to repair the house foundation to save the two-story home. The problem was extension sewage damage caused by a broken sewer line underneath the concrete slab.  It created unstable soil affecting the entire house foundation and making it unsafe for the homeowners to stay in the house.  The home was in danager of collaspe.

Our team removed the interior walls and flooring so the work on the concrete slab and foundation could begin.  As the job progressed, the Elegant Restoration team used a jack hammer, buckets, and shovels to remove the 4-inch concrete slab to access the damaged sewer pipe and to install concrete pillars to stablize the home’s structure.

Sewage damage images

The homeowner’s personal contents were removed so demolotion could begin on the concrete slab.

The homeowners were relocated to temporary housing until the service pros, Elegant Restoration, Inc. was hired to repair the structure damage and make all necessary repairs to restore the home back to original condition.   

Work began to remove the concrete and soil so the column foundations could be poured throughout the home to insure stability.


The end result of the Elegant Restoration sewage damage repairs, the home foundation has been stablized and reconstruction repairs were completed.