Important Documents

Category: Safety Tips • May 2, 2019

Insurance and Vital Records

Obtain property insurance if you do not have it. Review existing policies for the amount and extent of coverage to ensure what you have in place is what is required for you and your home or business for all possible hazards.

Flood Insurance

Flood damage can be inconvenient. If you live in a flood-prone area, consider purchasing flood insurance to reduce your risk of flood loss. Buying flood insurance to cover the value of a building and its contents will not only provide greater peace of mind, but will speed the recovery if a flood occurs. You can call 1 (888) FLOOD29 to learn more about flood insurance.

Inventory Possessions

Make a record of your property, for insurance purposes. Take photos or a video of the interior and exterior of your property. Include personal belongings in your inventory.

Important Documents

Store important documents such as insurance policies, deeds, property records, and other important papers in a safe place, such as a safety deposit. Make copies of important documents for your disaster supplies kit.


Consider saving money in an emergency savings account that could be used in any crisis. It is advisable to keep a small amount of cash on your person where you can quickly access in case of evacuation.