Elegant Restoration, Inc. has over two decades of experience in general contracting restoration and renovation. We are highly qualified to manage the entire renovation or reconstruction process. We can re-establish your property’s integrity. Combining our industry experience with a strong commitment to quality, helps to relieve you of the stress so often involved with renovation projects. Elegant Restoration Renovation takes the time to understand your specific situation, developing a viable, cost effective solution for your renovation that minimizes anxiety and loss.

  • Planning:
    Elegant Restoration Renovations begins the renovation process by developing a budget and providing estimates written in easy-to-understand laymen’s terms, however detailed for insurance company approval. Our documentation includes project phases and a master schedule for implementation.
  • Implementation:
    Our expertise, licensing and strategic partnerships ensure quality renovation. All design professional and trades coordinated through Elegant Restoration to ensure quality work is completed on schedule within budget for your renovation project.
  • Management:
    To ensure your renovation is completed on-time, on-budget, and to your satisfaction, Elegant Restoration Renovations proudly facilitates on-site supervision, permits, approvals, scheduling, and safety controls.

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